A Project by:

AOS / La Cura


Gugo Torelli - Visual Designd

Put an end to Dis-aster
U-topia is no place, can't exist. Therefore comes Disaster. Dis-Aster, with no star, σ Octantis, seaman's bearing. No place, no orientation.
We can start again from words. A brand new Utopia, but with a unicode decimal Ū, the macron capital U, where the place recovers itself, to put an end to Dis-aster, and meet orientation again.

U-topia is about destroying utopia, a nowhere place, to create new-topias, new places, a new participatory dictionary.

U-topia is a collaborative art performance. The whole event took place from September 19th to 24th. First in the form of an audio visual workshop in Matera's Conservatory "E. Duni" and a word generation laboratory in various locations around "Città de Sassi" (lit. stones city) inside Iglu De Vent; Then on 24th night a neoritual was incepted all along the streets of Matera with the 'U' parade, culminating in an audio visual installation in "piazza San Giovanni" that led the audience to the 'U' distruction in the form of a local ritual called "Lo Strazzo".

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