A Project by:

Viola Piccininni: Videomaker

Fedele Nacucchi: Engineer / Maker

Guglielmo Torelli: Designer / Maker / Programmer

Digital Embroidery is an art installation developed during XYLab and exhibited at Kastrignàna Etnographic Museum of Past and Future. Starting from an etnographic research on the local people of a town in the very south of Italy, called Castrignano de' Greci, our team developed a concept based on the human craftsmanship behaviour with the aim of translating the old artisan skills in our future skills. Starting from the old ladies embroidery abilities we developed a video installation in which we project ourselves in the future doing what they are doing now but in a different way.

Video Projection, directed by Viola Piccininni with the assistance of Tive Onee and Gugo

Digital Embroidery Circuit, designed by Gugo with Grasshopper Vornoi patterns, making by Fedele Nacucchi. Programmed and soldered together with love.

Making of Centrino by Fedele Nacucchi